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The Right Tool

The Right Tool    The yard uses a railway system to haul vessels out of the water for bottom service.  Much is said today about Travelifts but the safest and best way to pull a wooden boat is still the proven technology of the railway.  The heart of our railway 1st served as winches on the famous Liberty Ships bringing our troops home from WW 2.  We bought these and gave them a second lease on life as the winches for our railway system. 

The Travelifts are more profitable for the boat yards and can set a boat out of the way for extended stays out of the water, neither is good for the wooden boat owner.  A wooden boat relies on the skeleton called ribs extending from the keel much like a humanís rib cage extending from our backbone.  A Travelift uses large nylon straps to grab and squeeze the vessel as it is lifted.  How would you feel if you went to the doctor with a bad rib and he lifted you by squeezing and put you on the exam table?  Ever had a broken rib?  There is nothing more painful.  The railway gently moves the vessel into place to be serviced.  You can then walk up under the boat and we will discuss the work to be done. 

Many of the Travelift yards use a high pressure sprayer to remove under water growth.  Great for the boat yard as it is profitable, but again deadly for the wooden boat.  Between the planks of a wooden boat is cotton hand tapped into place.  The high pressure sprayers in the hands of an untrained laborer who is not familiar with wooden boats and their needs can do a great deal of damage.  A wood boat can be left out of the water for only a short period of time before the planks begin to dry out, as they do they shrink and separate allowing water to enter after launch.  To caulk a wooden boat properly cotton is hand tapped into the seams between planks by the technicians.  This requires special tools and experienced hands to do this work. 

If a wooden boat is left out of the water to long just as you would dry out with no water after a few days your boat dries out, a tragic error for the wood boat owner.  The Travelift often sets the wooden boat in the back so you can do it yourself.  They want that big shinny yacht up front.  You get plenty of time BUT as you get the time the boat begins to dry out.  All intentions are great to start but, as the job wears on friends wear out and costs rise.  This can be a critical mistake. 

On a railway you are the top dog, the main man.  Nobody can run around you.  One at a time, first come first served.  Your vessel will get the technicians utmost attention, after all, they have to finish you before they go on to the next vessel.   Our railways have serviced thousands of vessels safely.  We have fixed broken ribs, deteriorated hull planks, bent rudders, props, zincs, and painted the vessel while other yards are letting your vessel sit and dry.  

We have built quality seagoing wooden boats for over 65 years.  Put that experience to work for you.  Remember Columbus came to The Americas from Spain across the Atlantic in three Wooden boats.

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Wooden Shrimp Boat on Railway.

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8655 E. Davenport St.,

Bayou La Batre, AL 36509